1.    Legal Tax Use Act & Legal Tax Cuts Act - Save Tax Payers Trillions

Charge lawyer's fees based on cases in court.  Lawyers should pay operating costs of court.  Citizens, companies who use the roads pay fuel taxes.  Lawyers pay legal taxes.

Civil case costs split by parties and lawyers pay court costs.  Post costs up front!  Losers of civil actions pay court costs.  There will be a lot less actions and settlements.

Combine and cut local, state, federal judges.  Judges must occupy government properties, no  renting.  Cut magistrates to county offices.  Law abiding citizens should not have to pay for court costs.  Law firms and lawyers make  billions of dollars.  They should pay court costs.  The original lawyers in U.S. were not paid astronomical fees.

We must adjust to the times.

2.    Political Elected Officials And Office Expenses Act - Save Tax Payers Billions Stream line elected positions to part time or eliminate.  The need for so many politicians is over!  Combine offices.  Politicians only use Government owned properties for
offices/stop renting properties.  Cut travel, fuel, expenses: use conferencing, the internet, streaming,  etc.  No need to travel, cut use of fuel and save environment.  The original politicians worked and were representatives for no salaries.  They had a lot of issues in the  formation of America.  They did not have the information age technology.
Limit money spent on campaigns and money contributed from all special interests.  America/Americans are no longer for sale.  The modern politicians do not have as many issues.  All they do is campaign for re-election while they are in office at the tax payer's expense.

3.    Aid Act - Save Tax Payers Trillions

    Africa, Egypt, Israel, All Nations,  no exceptions. There is no peace in Africa, Mideast or World.  Why pay them?  Aid Americans in need.  Elderly, poor and veterans.  The soldiers and sailors sacrificed their lives  since the Revolutionary War, we must take care of them and their families first.  The senior citizens built our country. We must take care of them. The  Acts of the Apostles are incorporated herein.

4.    Abortion Act - Life Is God!

    500,000 tax funded abortions annually. Billions spent.  LIFE IS GOOD.  Jesus states that  anyone who harms a "Child of God" that it would be better they had not been born. Adoption is the only option!  Stop public funding of abortion.  All research and scriptures  confirm they are babies.  Hear their cries!  Feel their pain!  Christ is re-crucified!

5.    AIDS Act

    Millions are infected and dying now.  Stop all illegal drugs now!  Transmission by needle is main cause!  Stop legalization of drugs.  Stop anal/homosexual sex!  Human waste cavity  is main cause!  Threat to humanity:  If everyone participates in 100 years human
existence would cease.  Insurance premiums have increased due to the cost of AIDS.  St. Paul states thousands have died of fornication in his time.  Today millions have died and are dying because of fornication.  Homosexual acts are fornication!  Take Saint Paul's warnings seriously.

6.    Alcohol labeling act

    Warning labels with weights vs danger of consumption.  May cause death or criminal behavior.  Ex: Intoxication 100 lbs - 1 oz labels.  Sellers, servers and drinkers all responsible.  If someone commits a crime while intoxicated - seller/servers are held
accountable.  St. Peter writes stay sober and alert!

7.    Athletic Act

    All schools/ colleges and institutions that have football or basketball must have all sports.  Stop discriminating against gymnastics, volleyball and wrestling.  All are equal in God's eyes.  The great statistics on student athletes speaks for itself.

8.    Bailout Act

    Crime to bail out banks, corporations and foreign entities on tax payers money.

9.    Banking Act

    Stop charging over draft fees on debit cards!  No funds available - don't approve payment.  Reduce fees from $35 on overdrafts to $10.  The poor are being preyed on.

10.    Bombs:  Stop Dropping Bombs

    Bomb Droppers: for every one soldier killed, 10 civilians are killed.  Every bomb costs millions of dollars.  Jesus stated "live by the sword and die by the sword".

11.    Christian Act

    Any country that restricts, harms or denies Christianity will be black listed.  Sanctions imposed based on extremism.  More Christians have been killed from 2000 to 2014 than by the entire Roman Empire, including Nero.

12.    Corporate criminal act

    Any corporation that knowingly harms the public or environment will be charged with felonies or endangerment.  Fuel companies, utility companies, paint products, medical, pharmaceuticals, etc.  Eg. Paint thinner company close to Cedar Beach - dumped paint thinner in Cedar Beach.  CVS sold products to meth dealers.  Mandatory prison terms for all corporate crimes.  NO MORE PROFITS/STOCKS OVER  CITIZENS.  Criminal action against owners/shareholders and employees.  They must be held accountable for ever - no statute of limitations.  Scriptures:  We must be good stewards of the environment.

13.    Crime Act

    Any government authority that abuses their power serves twice the punishment and  fines for the crime committed.  Police & Government employees must pay the costs for abuse of power.

14.    Debt Reduction Act 

    Pay Off All Government Debt. Stop paying billions in interest.  We must be good stewards.

15.    Drugs Act

    Stop all illegal drugs entering our country.  Stop all illegal drugs on the streets.  Stop all illegal drugs in our schools.  Install drug sniffing dogs and police at every school in America.  Save our children.  Stop drugs Now.  Stop AIDS epidemic!  #1 reason for crime

- #1 reason for prison terms.  Any drugs dealt in schools, double prison terms, double punishment.  Drug and weapons sniffing dogs in every school.  All drug dealers charged for deaths of drug users and crimes committed by drug users.  Death sentences for drug dealers.

16.    English only act

    Everyone speaks English.  Citizens cannot afford to pay for other languages.  The American Indians were forced to learn how to speak English.  Everyone else should do the same.  For the good of our country we must cut costs. Citizens for their good must learn to speak English.  They need jobs.

17.    Farm Act

    Give back all cuts made for farmers by our politicians.  Farmers, especially smaller ones struggle.

18.    Foreign Policy Act

    America, China, Iran, Israel, Russia all must follow U.N. protocol set up after WWII. The men and women who established the United Nations for a reason. Those men and women experienced firsthand the worst of worst wars.  The protocol was set up to prevent a worse war to come.  All nations must adhere or face the
consequences sanctions, black listing in unity by all the members.   They cannot pick and choose.  When or why they can adhere to United Nations protocol/policies.  America needs to stay out of everyone's business.  America needs to secure its borders from the enemies.  Scripture:  Love thy neighbor as  thyself.

19.    Gambling Act

    No credit cards or credit in casinos.  No alcohol in casinos.  No minors.  No advertisement permitted in public - same as tobacco.  People cannot feed themselves. One of bankruptcies top cause is gambling. Anyone on welfare cannot gamble.  Lotteries - once a week, no advertisement.  Limits one per person.  No minors!  Thou shall not covet thy neighbors goods.

20.    Great Outdoors Act

Fishing and hunting for all.  Everyone under 18 is no charge for license.  Students $5 licensing fee to fish and hunt. Get them off computers and in the great outdoors.  Veterans and families - family pass to fish no charge.  Senior citizens no charge. Disabled workers reduced fee.  Dedicate federal money to stock the great  outdoors and create 100,000 thousands of jobs.  In boating, bait , guns tackle and tourism.  Buy fishing poles for young under privileged children.  Give them a chance.  There are streams, rivers and oceans everywhere.  Bring fishing  and hunting back to  America! Teach a child to fish and feed them for a lifetime.  

21.    Guns Act

    Get illegal guns off the streets.  Equip police, schools, universities with guns/resources to stop crime and take action on illegal weapons.  Bad areas install military on the streets to stop gun violence.  Any crime assault with illegal guns - life in prison!  Turn over weapons now - no questions asked and throw them away now before a criminal act is committed.  All sane, law abiding citizens must have access to guns at all times. No restrictions.  The minutemen had guns.  Our citizens are minutemen decedents.

22.    Healthcare Bill of Rights

    Health care for all is merit able.  To pay for abortions and contraception's is unacceptable to all God based entities.  The Bill of Rights protects God based entities. Good health starts with proper diets, active life styles, gardening, walking and active spiritual life, eg. church, volunteering and reading scriptures.  The shift from a blue collar working America to a white collar service America has American workforce less active.  Eating lunch is not necessarily needed as it is not worked off.  The calories are not needed for the American work force.  America needs to adjust diets according to their jobs.  That's the best Health Care Act.  Eat right and exercise.

23.    Honesty Act

    Every Federal, State, local and military employee has to take a lie detector test, and pass, confirming they are 100% loyal to the U.S.A. only.  Not any other country or cause!

24.    Hotel Accountability Act

    Stop sexual assaults of minors.  Stop pimps, pornographic criminals, internet predators from assaulting/preying on minors.  Hotels fined, shutdown, criminal actions brought against them.  They cannot permit minors to be raped for profits!  Hotels must check I.D's of everyone who enters their property, no exceptions.  Minors banned - no different  than bars and night clubs.  Hotels have bibles.  They should live by the bible.  Protect our children.

25.    Immigration Act

    Arabs, Chinese, Hindus,  etc - not just Mexicans.  All must be legal.  No exceptions.  Fake, paid marriages - government must arrest U.S. citizens.  Then be jailed for fraud! Deportation of illegal's.  Fake student Visa/ marriages for citizenship.  No more
marriage to become a citizen.  Fraudulent marriages are factoring into high divorce rate. Fake marriages for citizenship must be banned.  Everyone who enters our country must be legal and law abiding.  No exceptions!

26.    Internet act

    Websites must prevent minors from accessing them.  Gambling, pornography - shut them down!  Protect our children and homes from predators.

27.    IRS Act - Save Tax Payers Billions

    Cut the IRS and their enforcement power!  States can collect on behalf of the Federal Government.  Multi task states.  Cut billions in costs.  Let states collect both Federal and State taxes due.  Those who do not pay one normally don't pay both state and Federal. The tax payers live in states who collect on behalf of the tax payers.  The states are more local and know the tax payers.  The states can better serve more efficiently the tax payers and taxes due.  The states can collect and enforce better than the IRS
 because they are local.  The information age gives states the ability.

28.    Pornography Act

    Immoral harms women in America.  Imprisonment for corruption of minors.  Shut down all operations in all arenas.  Adjust felony crime for pornography. There is more crime committed against women due to pornography than ever.  More felony crimes, murders due to pornography.  Women in pornography are more likely to be killed more than any women.  File class action lawsuit on behalf of all women.  Pornography ruins image of women in America and the world.  Women are sexually abused more than ever due to pornography.  Crimes committed against women, pornography should be charged too.
Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife. The greatest human being ever was a woman. Mary, The Virgin Mother of Jesus.

29.    Public Schools Act

    All must have a Bible in them.  All must teach the Bible as the original founders established in the public schools.  Teach the Golden Rule.  Teach the Commandments.  All must pray to Our Father together daily.  All must pledge to the flag daily.  If they don't like it let the atheists set up private schools for non believers.  It's a free country.  Why must Christians set up private schools?

30.    Sacrament Of Marriage Act

    One man to one woman.  Both Presidential Democratic and Republican views were  wrong.  Both Presidential Candidates views were antichrists.  Obama believes marriage is between anyone:  Man/Man and Woman/Woman.  Romney believed a Mormon man can marry 8 women.  Jesus said " A man & woman shall leave their parents, unite and become one".  Both Presidential views were contrary  to Jesus' teachings.  St. John said
 "Anyone who changes one word of the written bible  may all the plagues in the bible come upon them.   St. John The Baptist was killed over his protest  of Herod's (the Jewish King) adulterous affair.  Marriage is very important to God!  One man and one
woman = marriage.

31.    School District Act - Save Billions To Property Tax Payers

    Combine Superintendents.  County run Superintendent.  Over 10 school districts in Lehigh County should pay for one Superintendent.  Also one principal per school district, assistant principals at their schools.  One superintendent can handle the decisions - the information age permits it.  In each county. Most of the schools have similar conditions, administration, athletic, criminal, legal, social, weather, etc.

32.    Sheriff Sale Ban

    Absolutely no forced sales for taxes owed.  Work out payment plan.  No exceptions. Government must stop sheriff sales on citizens for taxes owed. The government has secured liens on tax payers property.  The government is using the tax payers taxes to
attack law abiding citizens by selling their property.

33.    Utility Act

    Raise fines for failure/misconduct.  All utilities must incorporate/invest profits in new technology/ upgrades of systems annually.  They must respond and fix outages/shortages within 48 hours or pay for losses of customers.  Executives million
dollar salaries based on profits not customers and communities safety.  Utilities must change.  Criminal actions brought for failure to protect citizens and communities. Love your neighbors as yourselves.

34.    Waste act - Stop Wasting Tax Payers Dollars - Save Billions

    Manage government costs for waste.  The information age has eliminated major use of paper products in the last 10 years.  Rebid all contracts.  Cut all costs and enforce best practices and all best environmental practices.  Stop wasting tax payers dollars!  All the waste contractors making billions on the tax payer.  Give incentives to tax payers to reduce waste by composting and proper recycling.  Savings lowers taxes.  25% of all food produced goes to landfills.  Government must donate food to food banks and animal shelters rather than landfills.  Renew, reuse, recycle one of the good government efforts.

35.    Weapons Moratorium Act

    Cut purchasing of weapons.  Cut military outside spending on contractors.  Multi - task existing staff, pay them more.  Feed the poor not the weapons industry.  Thou shall not kill.


American Manufacturing Act!

    Both parties endorsed NAFTA and China.  They are both huge failures.
China: cut all unfair trade practices and cut all trade with China.  Manufacture in America:  KOZ Zone incentives. All companies who set up manufacturing in KOZ zones receive tax exceptions.  Bring back small and large manufacturing plants.  

WALMART Act: Tax incentives to manufacture in poverty stricken areas and high unemployment regions in U.S.A.  Give incentives to manufacture in poor areas.  Distribution centers in high unemployment regions.  Cut transport from China to U.S.A. cut burning of fossil fuels.

 Help environment.  

American Energy Act

    Agriculture fuel bio products, coal,  environmental energy geo  thermal, natural gas, hydro electric, solar and wind.   Manufacture and use American based technologies and fuel.  Keep money in  America. Stop buying fuel from enemies. Manufacture in America, produce in  America cutting  imports of foreign products.  Factories in USA will have a major positive multiple effect on U.S economy.  U.S. energy use will also have major positive impact with jobs and money staying in U.S. economy. Manufacturing in America will enable the working class to buy homes, autos, durable goods, etc.  It will stimulate the economy.  Production of environmental energies will create jobs and keep trillions of dollars in U.S. economy.  Clean up our environment, cut dependency on foreign countries.  All good for us. We must act out our faiths.  I am continually inspired by God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit.  The policies contained herein are from The Bible, The Holy Scriptures, prayer, fasting, acts of charity and church teaching and holy communion. They are all original communications brought forth for Gods kingdom come and Gods will be done.  Not mans or my  kingdom come and not my will be done.  I pray that all have eyes to see and ears to hear.

The fall of the Roman Empire was after St Paul's visit in which he documents the homosexual acts in Rome - now Italy.

- fall of the catholic church?

- fall of America?

Only God knows.

Renew - Reuse - Recycle!