Dennis will stop China and repeal NAFTA. He will create millions of manufacturing jobs for Americans while stopping drugs and human trafficking from China and Mexico. This will also cut burning fossil fuels to transport goods. Stop poisoning our citizens, pets and air.

Dennis has never accepted one dollarfrom special interest groups or attorneys. Instead of contributing to campaigns, donate the money to food banks.

Dennis will never vote to abort a baby.

Dennis will never support bailouts for banks and corporations.

As a member of the PA Farm Bureau, Dennis will never cut aid to farms or food banks.

Dennis will protect Christians making it a hate crime to attack Christ or Christians nationally and internationally.

Dennis will create scholarships for students who are academically, artistically or athletically inclined.

Dennis will stop all American terrorism, drug dealers included. They are our biggest terrorists

Dennis will clean up the environment. Stop all the contaminated soil from NJ and NY. If it’s not good for them its not good for us.

Dennis will federally fund stocking of deer, fish and fowl and lower the cost of licenses. Where’s the buck, the trout, the pheasants?

Dennis will combine and cut costs of political offices. I will cut my pay by 50% or donate it to Food Banks.

Dennis will cut foreign aid, keeping the money here at home to help children, seniors and veterans.

Dent supports China and NAFTA. He has done nothing to help the environment. He has shipped millions of manufacturing jobs over seas.


Dents campaign is funded by special interest groups. Over $688,000 in the 2013-2014 election cycle. Imagine what that could do for local food banks!

Dent has aborted record high babies while in office.

Charlie bent the rules by bailing out banks and corporations.

Dent has cut aid to farms and food banks. According to data 1 in 5 have been hurt.

MoreChristians have been killed during Dents terms then in all of the Roman Empire and Crusades. Africa, Iraq, Lebanon Palestine and Syria.

Dent cut aid to college students.

Dent agrees but has done very little.

During Dents terms, millions of tons of contaminated soil has entered PA. He has done nothing.

Dent has done nothing. He does not hunt or fish, just campaigns at the taxpayers expense.

Good Time Charlie makes $174,000 dollars a year with a net worth of over $400,00 and continues to vote for congressional pay raises and increased expense accounts.

Dent aids Africa, Egypt and Israel with billions of dollars to buy weapons that kill innocent humans.